About Us

The Reason for No Josh Collectables

No Josh Collectables was founded in 2018 by Josh Manzanera, an ambitious IT Project Manager looking for a fun way to re-spark some of his childhood hobbies. 

We want to make it easy and affordable to have the fun and satisfaction of a complete collection.

What We Love

Whilst we currently stock a lot of Pokemon related merchandise, we’re love all types of pop culture paraphernalia. Some of our favourites are Transformers, Marvel, Pokemon, Yugioh, Star Wars… the list goes on and we’ll be bringing it ALL to you in different forms over the coming months!

What You’ll Love

A friendly, timely and transparent service that comes with a very competitive price. We’re always working to improve our impact on the world and provide the best for our communities. You’ll often spot the director, Josh, at Pokemon Tournaments, fairs and all places in between! Feel free to say hi if you see him.

Try us out, you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Collecting 🙂

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