Terms and Conditions of Sale

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First and foremost, we reserve the right to refuse service and sales to any individual, company or otherwise at our own discretion and we do not need to provide a reason for this if we do not wish to. 


We do not provide refunds for “change of mind” circumstances after a purchase has been completed (payment made and order committed), including but not limited to refunds for orders placed (shipped or not), exchanges, incorrectly ordered items or items that are placed on sale after purchase.

We acknowledge that under Australian Consumer Law, we are required to provide a refund if our products are faulty, if they do not match the item displayed, do not match the item description we provide or if goods are damaged upon receipt. Any and all refund requests must include relevant evidence of the circumstances that occurred. Insufficient evidence provided will result in no refund.

If an agreement can be made between No Josh Collectabels and the customer to resolve any faults (such as extra product at our discretion to make up the contents), the refund request is completed and no further actions are required.

Refund or missing item requests that are over 3 months old will not be refunded. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that any issues and/or concerns are raised in a timely manner. We take all necessary steps to ensure orders are fulfilled in a timely manner with appropriate evidence, such as tracking and order confirmation & receipts, we expect the same courtesy if an issue needs to be raised with us.

At our discretion, should an order be refunded, we will charge a cancellation fee and advise of this prior to actioning the request. 

Refunds and replacements will not be issued for things such as “minor corner damage” or “poor shrink wrapping” unless a customer has previously placed their request for a particular condition item and we have confirmed that we can accommodate the request. See Special Delivery Instructions below.

Special Delivery Instructions

Any special requests, order requirements or delivery instructions are to be placed in the section provided in the order confirmation. If this is not available or another request is required, we may be able to accommodate this request prior to the order being fulfilled. 

This can be via Facebook @NJCollectables or email @ collectables@nojosh.com.au 

This includes if customers have expectations on their purchases, such as product condition / quality, special packaging requests or conditions. 

Example: if a customer wishes to purchase a booster box for a sealed display piece, it is expected that this will be brought to the staff attention and confirmed by staff before the items are shipped.

Order Fulfillment & Postage / Shipping Times

All orders placed are expected to be packed and shipped, with fulfillment / order confirmation, within 2 working days of the order payment completion – however this is not always guaranteed. If there is an instance that we require additional time or cannot fulfill your order within a reasonable time frame, we will attempt to contact you directly using the information provided in your order. Please follow our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/njcollectables and keep an eye on the purple notice board on the header of the website for the latest information and potential disruptions to orders.

If we cannot contact you, we will either cancel the order completely or fulfill the order at the earliest possible convenience (e.g. within 1 week). 

Post will be ordered and sent with Australia Post by default in all instances unless communicated otherwise. Tracking will always be provided in your order confirmation for you to follow up on through the email notification of Order Completion, your account on the website and also via Australia Post (we submit your details to the Australia Post system tracking). 

In the instance that there’s extended delays, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Express Post

Express Post orders are subject to the above Order Fulfillment & Postage conditions. Express Post refers to the service offered by Australia Post and it’s associated costs.

If an order is urgent or if you need items by a specific date (for an event or otherwise) please contact us directly via the below to confirm this can be accommodated.

Facebook @NJCollectables or email @ collectables@nojosh.com.au 

Opened Live – Posted Free

This is an option for our customers to get involved in our live openings on Facebook.com/NJCollectables and engage with us for some fun.

This option entitles you to free standard post of your order and we will open it live on a Facebook stream, sleeve, package and post within the handling times also noted within the T&C’s here.

We run 2-3 times a week typically on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm plus other times. This is all managed on our Facebook page. 

We by default only ship the cards to our customers however we’re happy to ship all contents on request. 

Click and Collect

Click and Collect is an option made available to those who wish to collect their items in person from our store.  

Click and Collect is available during our normal opening hours (available on the website, Google and Facebook). All orders are available for collection when the “Awaiting Collection” email is received advising the order is ready for pickup. If you’re unsure, please message us via email or Facebook @NJCollectables. 

Click and Collect orders must be collected within 2 weeks of the order being confirmed as Awaiting Collection. We reserve the right to cancel orders that are held beyond this time frame. 

A Click and Collect order may be cancelled under circumstances including but not limited staff availability or if staff safety may be compromised. This is an offering, and we reserve the right to refuse this at our discretion. 

Order Contact Details

Contact details in each and every order must be valid and real. We do not accept orders placed with fake or invalid details, including but not limited to pseudonames, fake email accounts and/or phone numbers. If you do not accept this condition, please do not place an order – we do often validate the details provided in each order. If an issue arises and the contact details are incorrect, we will be unable to contact you to resolve. We reserve the right to cancel My orders that breach this sale condition. 

If an order is placed with incorrect details (error / typo etc) please contact us directly with your order details to ensure that all information is provided to you.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure contact details are updated and maintained through their accounts on the website, especially shipping addresses. If a shipping address is provided incorrectly and contact is not made before fulfillment to correct this, we do not take responsibility if the item is not received. Items are insured through the shipping providers but not for incorrect details.

Change of Address

In the instance that you may change your address during your order being processed, it is the customer’s responsibility to advise us of this change and organise for the shipping details to be updated. We highly recommend using the Australia Post change of address services, such as redirection or PO Box / Parcel Collect, during these times. 

We do not take responsibility for items sent to a previous address if we are not informed prior to the item being shipped and we do not guarantee that we will be able to adjust the address for you or recover the items. 

If an item is subject to post redirection, that is initiated by the customer after the item has already been sent, we do not take responsibility for what may take place. This will need to be resolved between the customer and Australia Post directly. 

Payment Plans & Loan Facilities

We offer payment plans on specific items and products, particularly pre-orders. This is subject to our approval and discretion. Items will not be shipped until a payment plan is completed in full – this is not a loan service.

We do offer Zip under the agreed terms and conditions provided by Zip. Customers who choose to use this service are also subject to the Terms and Conditions provided by Zip upon using their services. 

The payment plan is not a direct debit / charged service. It’s manual payment required by the customer on each invoice. Invoices are automatically issued each billing period (e.g. weekly from the original order date) depending on the agreed terms. The amount is the total order divided by the number of billing periods agreed.

We do not offer loans, reserves or holds on any items under any circumstances. 

All order payments must be made at checkout or orders will not be dispatched. No items are held through the web system until an order has been completed, including payment or an agreed payment plan. If payment plans are agreed and not met, orders may expire and a cancellation notification will be sent out from the system. We do not guarantee that expiry warnings will be made prior or that contact will be made if this is likely to occur. 

We reserve the right to call upon a payment plan completion, with 7 days to complete a full plan, for any genuine and fair reason, including but not limited to extreme market changes such as pricing, stock availability etc. Should we call upon this clause, we will request 7 days notice for the outstanding balance to be paid in full or offer a full refund (cancellation fees will not apply in this scenario). 

Payment plans are at our discretion, and those abusing these service offerings will not be accepted. Examples of a rejected payment plan include but are not limited to previous payment plan issues and use of the plan for monetary gain (e.g. buying on a payment plan as a short term investment to sell for personal profits). Example Scenario: If during a payment plan, it’s deemed that the items are being sold for profit via any avenue, a plan will be cancelled, refunded in full and result in ineligibility for payment plans in the future. 

Bundles, Combos and Build your Bundles

Bundles are to allow our customers to access deals when buying multiples of the same pre-order for release (and occasionally, other combos at our discretion). Bundles that have mixed releases or delays to release of 1 or more item in the same bundle will result in delayed shipping for ALL items on the order, unless we decide to send on our terms. 

Bundles with no items added to them that are placed, will result in cancellation, as there are no products purchased and no items allocated to the order. This is possible in releases such as holiday sets, where we allow no minimum buy in to purchase products.
An example is Shining fates, where we allowed customers to place an order for any of the items without a mandatory Elite Trainer Box.
A standard bundle is usually a core set release, which we enforce a 2 booster box minimum but discount the other items.

Credit Card Payments

We do accept credit card payments, directly through our website via Square and also through the PayPal checkout.
Where a credit card payment is made directly through the website for orders over $100 AUD, we may request additional validation of the purchase. This may include evidence of the card and photo ID to confirm name and address as well as confirmation of the card and name used on the card. This is an Anti-Fraud condition and if not agreeable to the customer, the order will be cancelled and refunded.

All Credit Card payments must be made and authorised by the named owner on the credit card or orders will be cancelled and refunded.

If you do not wish to provide this information when requested please choose another payment option.

Auctions through No Josh Collectables

Anti-Sniping or automatic timer extensions are in place for ALL No Josh Auctions. This means that bids made in the closing moments of an auction will trigger an automatic time extension. Any bids placed in the final 5 mins of an auction will result in a 2 minute extension. This is to allow any bidders the best opportunity to win an auction and reflect a true sales price – last second bids will not necessarily win these auctions. 

Ocassionally, minimum bid amounts will be implemented on higher end items. Reserves may also be placed on items from time to time.  

Auction wins through the No Josh Collectables website are considered sales and final. It is expected that these are completed and paid for as if making a standard purchase. In the unlikely event of any technical difficulties with the page that affect the closure of an auction, the last bid will be the valid winning bid. E.g. if the site has performance issues over the closing moments and bids are unable to be made when the auction closes, the last price will be the accepted price. Items will not be relisted. 

Further Information

If there are any questions or concerns with any of the conditions in this section, please feel free to contact us directly by Facebook or email.
FB: www.facebook.com/njcollectables
E: collectables@nojosh.com.au 


UPDATED: 01 July 2021

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